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Bookshare is here!!!

Bookshare is a free, online accessible library with MANY Waldorf appropriate titles for children!

Through Sonne Valley School, we can provide your visually-impaired child with free downloads, and will also be offering Braille books that are specifically Waldorf appropriate selections.

PLEASE contact me so that we can provide your child with a free Bookshare Library Card !

This project is supported by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs.

There are books from Mercury Press as well, which we are working on providing in Braille format. These are exclusive titles and not available through Bookshare.

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Take a look at what is available for your child at:

I would be most interested to hear if specific titles are on your list to be Brailled for your child!

As always, I welcome your comments!

With Kindness,

Ava Sonnenthal