Getting to Groundbreak

Ground break seed

What is important to me, especially as a single mother, is that my child does not continue to struggle to learn at any stage. Growth, of course, includes the initial ground-break – forces needed to propel a seed upward and out of it’s casing, through the earth, to ultimately sprout and flourish. I want my child to experience the ground-break as well as the flourish, because both are needed to achieve balance and foster a true sense of independence and achievement.

As a teacher, I have observed and taught children with special needs struggle to get to ground-break. I have observed and worked with teachers who struggle daily to help them access it. It’s a daily practice – and there is nothing wrong with it. Except, the goal is for the child to learn in the process and find clarity within themselves. If we are not achieving this in the classroom environment, something is wrong.

Learning that meets the child at every stage
Learning that meets the child at every stage

There are tools and methods to help children access a way in to their process without forcing an impression or creating more disturbance. This is where fluidity happens, and it is crucial to learning. For the child with low vision, or without sight, to have the chance to experience learning in this way is the goal.  It is not a small task. It can be done.

Connect this learning style with the teaching of braille, available books in UEB braille throughout the grades, and current technology to support the child’s transition into adolescence with real world skills – that is the goal I am continually striving to achieve.

Until next time…with more good news…I welcome the Spring, which is fast approaching here in Pennsylvania, and I applaud you for the ground breaks in your own life.