A New Year Unfolding, Embracing Strength

Nautilus color

“Nautilus revealed that there is so much more than we see or hear in this world.
There are other worlds underworlds that were being kept secret until now.
More will be revealed in the future, so stay tuned for the new mysteries to be revealed.”  – Nature’s Blessings

The strength of a teacher lies in being intuitive and present to what the student finds in their work.  The nautilus represents the past and the future, which is directly how Rudolf Steiner believed that a teacher should see the child.

In my first year of coursework as an art student, I was introduced to simple materials; shaping them, constructing with them, finding all of their capabilities, strengths, limits, and basically how each material performed when manipulated.

A beautiful way to introduce the strengths of a material and explore geometry in mathematics work with children who have visual impairments is through tactile work such as Origami and material manipulation.

Richard Sweeney gives us a fascinating artistic experience of this through his work. Listen to how he describes his process. Then think about the possibilities of origami and material manipulation in the classroom.



Richard Sweeney video describing his artistic process:

Happy New Year, and may it unfurl with beauty.

With Kindness,